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Fashionable Sunglasses for the Discerning Almost-teen

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Kids, you can’t live with ‘em…and you definitely can’t pick their clothes or their hair cuts. Every time I shop with my daughter, the tutting begins. And I don’t mean the odd little sigh of disapproval, or a little long-suffering grimace of disappointment. I mean the full-blown moaning of a young girl who at the age of twelve is entirely misunderstood. No, not just misunderstood but ignored and neglected by a mother with no fashion sense. To her, shopping is a terrible indignity, to me an enduring frustration. I can’t pick anything that she even remotely approves of. I’m either too Little House on the Prairie or just keep selecting things that are more suitable for someone who appears to be just inches from being a frumpy great aunt. Someone, I suppose, rather like myself. I’m sure that boys are just the same. They know what’s in and what’s not. And they’re not likely to want to wear sunglasses that just don’t match up with their own ideas of style.

The thing is, the styles kids want seem so grown up. I actually don’t want my daughter looking like a mini-me of a 30 year old who thinks fashion is all about showing off, not dressing up. On the other hand, I don’t want to spend every waking moment policing my daughter’s wardrobe and arguing about hem lengths and hair styles. I see her point, she’s not a baby and doesn’t need to be treated like one.

However, one thing we both agree on is eyewear. Be it Gucci sunglasses or sunglasses, it’s an easy choice – let her do it. You cant go far wrong and look totally outrageous and even better, she can pick what she wants online. So we don’t have to have another argument in the shop. To her, they’re a great accessory. To me, they’re an option that teaches her about quality, health and comfort. She’s happy. I’m happy. What more could anyone want?